The 55th Annual Bluff Park Art Show

October 6, 2018

The Bluff Park Art Association

DVD Order Form

Bluff Park Art Association 40th Year Anniversary DVD Order Form

The Bluff Park Art Association has created a 40th Year anniversary DVD.The purpose of our DVD is to provide awareness of how we support the arts by using this pleasing video filled with great music and images. Our DVD was produced by a local video production company and runs approximately 50 minutes.The video is broken into 5 basic chapters.The first is our Permanent Art Collection,consisting of over 90 pieces,which rotates through area schools and libraries.Chapter two touches on some of our most recent charitable events and donations.The last 3 chapters are pictures of professional artists showing at the 2000,2001 and 2002 art shows.

The DVD has a pleasing musical soundtrack that varies from new age to smooth jazz. The DVD ends with our statement of community purpose and lists our web address to find updates about the art show. It is our intention that this DVD is used by the art teachers,students and community who appreciate fine art.The DVD was created with a soothing soundtrack so it can be played in art classes, at home or in lobbies and offices.

Please enjoy this community art project and share it with others who enjoy the arts.Our members would love to hear your comments or requests. Email us at our website contact page.

Cost is $20 EACH and that includes your shipping,handling and DVD cost.
Number of DVD ‘s Requested =_______X $20 Each =_________Total

Mail Check or Money Order to:

Bluff Park Art Association /DVD
P.O.Box 26012
Birmingham, AL 35260

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