Welcome to the Bluff Park Art Association

The Bluff Park Art Show started as a way to raise money to expand the Bluff Park Elementary library and has grown into a nationally recognized and acclaimed art show.  Organized and staffed by a dedicated volunteer board, the show draws many visitors to Jefferson County each year.  Artists from across the country submit their work months in advance hoping to be juried into the show.  With an eclectic mix of media, the Bluff Park Art Show provides visitors with a fresh experience each year displayed in the picturesque setting of a heavily tree shaded park. We hope you will join us this year!

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A very big “thank you” to The Daniel Foundation of Alabama for their support

In celebration of the 50th anniversary Bluff Park Art Show in 2013, the board of the Bluff Park Art Association established a permanent endowment fund. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham manages the fund. Initial contributions and pledges totaled over $30,000. The fund is already creating annual income that supports the mission of the Bluff Park Art Association: to promote the arts in the community, schools and homes. You can contribute to the fund to ensure that there will be a Bluff Park Art Show forever. Think of making donations in memory or honor of friends and family, and as part of your estate planning. Contact Herb Patterson, Chairman of the Endowment Fund at macherb@bellsouth.net with questions. Send tax deductible donations in the form of checks, cash, stock or money orders to P.O. Box 26012, Birmingham AL 35260-0012. Call (205) 822-0078 to make a donation using any of the 4 major credit cards.
Don’t you want to be a part of this effort to make sure there will be a Bluff Park Art Show forever? Contact Herb Patterson, Chairman of the Endowment Fund Pledge Drive at macherb@bellsouth.net with questions. Use this form to email your pledge. We can accept checks, cash, money orders and all 4 major credit cards.